You Are My Gift

“Moon, make sure the boat arrives safely.”

When the moon is full, a bear in the village of Lotus goes to the mountain to express his wish.

Gaeun’s artworks have been released as a fairytale art book. The book has been translated into five languages, English, Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, in one book in order to communicate with many friends from all over the world.

“You are my gift!” is a book that touches the hearts of people of all ages.
A perfect gift for your family, friends, lover or for yourself.

Size : 265*390 mm
Pages: 44

About Me

Chance encounters, growing into new relationships

To turn a seemingly random encounter into a meaningful connection, constant communication is required. In the artist’s world, the rabbit and bear represent two very disparate personalities. During their travels together a bond is formed, while encountering unknown locales, and unfamiliar others.

The landscape they traverse is both natural and fairytale like -full of chaotic and geometric curves that create dissonance, but also melodious harmony- a surreal and dreamy fantasyland. The endless details pile forever into time, raising the questions we all ask: what should be the attitude to life’s journey, and where is the final destination? Not only for the bear and rabbit, but us?
By allowing everyone to experience the bear and rabbit’s journey, immersing us in the chaos and loneliness of society, the artist shows us this – no one is happy alone, but anyone can be happy with the tiniest of efforts to be together.

2009 – 2010
2013 – 2014
2014 – Current


Graduated School of Leonardo Da Vinci, Rome Italy
Lobby and office room interior design – 天土人Clinic, Seoul
Graduated Korea National University of Art
Finished Colorist course at MODE fashion school, Tokyo
Origami instructor of art therapy
Senior illustrator of media marketing company
Solo exhibition Design Festa Gallery – Tokyo

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